Participation at own risk!
Furthermore, we cannot accept liability for lost objects – neither in the locker rooms nor in the event halls and other rooms of the Event

WDSF Competitions

WDSF rules apply to WDSF competitions:
icon_pfeil Regulations of WDSF World Ranking Tournaments
icon_pfeil WDSF Anti-Doping-Information

Rising Stars

Unfortunately, we cannot offer Rising Star Competitions in 2021.

The following rules apply for Rising Stars competitions:
Only couples not ranking 1st to 50th according to the WDSF ranking list are eligible (effective as of Nov. 1st, 2021).

Viennese Waltz Championship

These are the competition rules for the Viennese Waltz Championship:
Eligibility: Competition dancers, all students of Austrian Dance Schools and everybody who loves to dance the Viennese Waltz. Equality/same-sex couples are also welcome to join the competition. For organizational reasons, please enter as “man” and “lady” at our portal, the partner who will enter as “man” will take the number card.
Admission to the Multiversum Schwechat is only possible with a valid ticket or entry permission for competitors. This permission is issued by paying the Entry Fee. The entry permission guarantees standing room (no seat) for all rounds of all other competitions.

Multiple entries

If the time table permits, the organizer will allow multiple entries on the same day. The flow of the program cannot be interrupted in order to wait for the couples concerned.
Find your possibilities here.

Dress code

Dress code for AOC und WDSF competitions
The dress code according to WDSF regulations applies to all Austrian Open competitions (including WDSF International Open ranking competitions), the dress code for the Viennese Waltz Competiton is defined according to specific competition rules.

icon_pfeil WDSF Dress Regulations

Dress code for the Viennese Waltz Championship
Regular street wear is mandatory in rounds 1 to 3, competition dresses are allowed as of round 4, but are neither necessary nor mandatory.

Heel protectors
All female dancers are required to wear heel protectors during training, warm-up and competitions.

It is strictly prohibited to empty water or other liquids on the floor.