Any star couples will be fixed at 20:00 (8:00 pm) each evening before the resp. competition day.

You can either take a look at our homepage (AOC News section)
or call +43 676 8782 60607.

All times given are subject to change.

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Friday, November 20., 2020

Saturday, November 21., 2020

Sunday, November 22., 2020

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Subject to changes.

Friday, November 20., 2020 - CheckIn/Registration starts at 07:00

startcompetitionround/descriptioncollect number until
08:30WDSF Open Junior II Latin1. round 08:00
09:35WDSF Open Junior I Standard1. round 08:50
09:35WDSF Open Juvenile Standard
   (dances: waltz, tango, viennese waltz, quickstep)
1. round 08:50
12:05WDSF Open Junior II Latin5. round final
12:20WDSF Open Junior I Standard4. round final
12:20WDSF Open Juvenile Standard
   (dances: waltz, tango, viennese waltz, quickstep)
4. round final
13:20WDSF Open Senior III Standard1. round 12:30
14:05WDSF Open Youth Standard1. round 13:15
15:00WDSF Open Senior III Standard2. round (*-couples)13:40
15:35WDSF Open Youth Standard2. round (*-couples)14:00
17:00WDSF World Open (new series) Latin1. round 15:20
20:00WDSF World Open (new series) Latin2. round (*-couples)16:30
20:40WDSF Open Senior III Standard5. round final
22:15WDSF Open Youth Standard5. round final
22:40WDSF World Open (new series) Latin5. round final