Archiv / Archive 2017

Ergebnisse ab 2009 finden Sie im Archiv.
Results back to 2009 in the archive.

Ergebnisse Donnerstag, 16. 11. 2017 / Results Thursday, Nov. 16th, 2017

WDSF Juvenile Standard
WDSF Junior I Standard
WDSF Junior II Standard
WDSF Open Senior IV Standard
WDSF Open Senior III Standard
WDSF Rising Star Latin

Ergebnisse Freitag, 17. 11. 2017 / Results Friday, Nov. 17th, 2017

WDSF Juvenile Latin
WDSF Junior I Latin
WDSF Junior II Latin
WDSF Open Senior II Standard
AOC 51st Viennese Waltz Championships
WDSF Youth Latin

Ergebnisse Samstag, 18. 11. 2017 / Results Saturday, Nov. 18th, 2017

2017 WDSF World DanceSport Championship Latin
WDSF World Open Standard

Ergebnisse Sonntag, 19. 11. 2017 / Results Sunday, Nov. 19th, 2017

WDSF World Open Latin
WDSF Open Senior I Standard
WDSF Youth Standard

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