Stand-by lists at the venue

According to our terms, all entries in the stand-by-list have been deleted by Nov. 13th/12:00 PM.

Any places becoming available in one of the competitions (WDSF World Open Standard, WDSF Junior I Latin,  WDSF Junior II Standard, WDSF Junior II Latin and WDSF Rising Stars Latin) will be made available at the Any places becoming available in the official entry list will be made available only at the check-in desk at the venue on basis first come – first serve.

We will have a “Standby-list/2nd Edition” at the check-in starting on Friday. You can register there to announce your request for a possible free place on the official list. This registration can be done only personally by the couple, coach, mum or dad. Please prepare for this pre-entry:

1) MIN of men and lady
2) Name of men and lady
3) Tel.Number for SMS/e-mail address were we can reach you at any time during your stay in Austria
4) Information if the couple is registered in another competition.

If there is a check-out in the required competition and you are next in the row, we will inform you by SMS or e-mail. You have 2 hours time to react. Send a “yes” or “no” and the name of the couple. If possible proceed to the check-in as soon as possible to make your entry valid by paying the entry fee.

We, of course, do not know in advance if and how many couples will check-out. So a registration on the “Standby-list/2nd Edition” is no guarantee to really get onto the “official list”.

Important Information for couples!

Dear Couples,

if you can’t find your name at the entry-lists, you haven’t done a valid entry!
All entries shown in the start lists are paid and the payment has been confirmed by us.
On 13.11.2018/12:00 PM we will delete the remaining reservations at the styndby-lists.
Any places in the official lists becoming available after 13.11.2018 can be booked only at the venue on “first come – first serve” basis.

Registration Terms

Be fair!

Dear Couples, if you know already right now, that you cannot join our competition (whatever reason) although you have entered, please de-register/cancel your participation!
You give the couples waiting at the standby-list a chance to compete!

Thank you very much!

To de-register/cancel your participation please eMail to Please provide the name of couple and TAS-ID (see entry confirmation).

Terms & Conditions

Update Time Schedule

We have updated the time schedule slightly:

WDSF World Open Latin 1st round: 13:15 (was 12:30) – collect number until 12:30
WDSF Youth Open Standard 1st round: 16:20 (was 16:00) – collect number until 15:20
WDSF Juvenile I+II Standard 1st round: 11:00 (was 09:15) – collect number until 10:30
WDSF Open Senior III Standard 1st round: 14:20 (was 13:45) – collect number until 13:45

WDSF World Championship Standard 1st round: 13:00 (was 13:10)
WDSF Open Youth Latin 2nd round (*-couples): 16:15 (was 16:30) – collect number until 15:00

See full Time Schedule