Dear athletes,

unfortunately the Austrian Open Championships 2021 have to be cancelled. As the current situation and the increasing number of infections show us, further restrictions are to be expected in the coming weeks and months. All these unforeseen circumstances make the calculation and the probability of reducing the financial risk to a viable minimum almost impossible. The effects of COVID-related restrictions on the number of participants, audience numbers and the associated higher costs due to additional security requirements have forced the organizers with a heavy heart to make a decision at this point in time. From now on, cancellation costs would have come into play that cannot be covered by the organizing associations and private persons.

We hope for a better future and wish everyone to stay healthy!


Austrian Open Championships, November 20th – 22nd, 2020, CANCELLED!

The Austrian Open Championships, traditional annual event in Multiversum, Schwechat, unfortunately has to be cancelled due to the Covid 19 pandemic in 2020.

The Austrian government has meanwhile permitted the organization of events. To ensure the health and safety of both active participants and spectators, there is a comprehensive catalog of measures for organizers. At an event of the size of the Austrian Open, we see no way to do justice to these measures.

For the organizers it was a difficult decision. However, we are fully aware of the responsibility to ensure the safety and health of everyone involved. Therefore, the step to cancel was unfortunately necessary.

However, we are now using the time to plan the event in 2021, to take the catalog of measures into account and to be well prepared.

We are therefore looking forward to seeing you again from November 19th-21st, 2021 at the Austrian Open 2021 in Vienna-Schwechat.

The AOC organizing team

Vladislav Untu – Polina Baryshnikova are the new World Champions Youth Latin!

Vladislav Untu – Polina Baryshnikova from Moldova won the highlight of this year’s Austrian Open Championships, the World Youth Championship Latin. For Austria, Tim Grabenwöger – Natalie Cremar once again showed their class with their semifinal debut. They placed 10th, motivated by the home crowd. The second ÖTSV – pair Leon Mühleder – Liliána Farkas put on 44th place a strong World Cup premiere on the floor. In the second highlight of the day, the WDSF World Open Standard, Klemens Hofer and Barbara Westermayer were able to show a strong 12th place. Victory went to the pair Alexey Glukhov – Anastasia Glazunova from Russia. Tomorrow’s Sunday sees the closing of the 26th Austrian Open 2019 with four more competitions, the highlights being the 53rd Viennese Waltz competition which has been won by Klemens Hofer and Barbara Westermayer in the last three years.

Last year’s runners-up Vladislav Untu – Moldova’s Polina Baryshnikova were securing the win after five rounds. The newly crowned youth champions of the youth class were overwhelmed: “It’s great emotions, we are overjoyed and would like to thank everyone who believed in us and supported us.”

The silver medal secured German Pugachev – Ariadna Tishova from Russia. Behind the runners-up were Nitu Eric Marius – Iosub Antonia Ioana (Romania) in third place.

Star Couples (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)


WDSF Youth Open Latin:
507, 513, 515, 526, 533, 561 – subject to change (additional exceptions possible depending on showing up couples)

WDSF Senior III Standard
307, 309, 330, 334, 338, 352

AOC Viennese Waltz Championships
***601, 605, 609, 611, 616, 617, 628, 629,633, 635, 642, 643, 644, 645, 647, 652, 653, 655, 667, 669, 670, 673, 675, 679, 681, 692

****613, 673

*****621, 631, 671


WDSF World Open Standard:
502 (Abel-Galkina), 507 (Bodini-Charitonovaite), 513 (Cicchitti-Brecikova), 518 (Del Gaone-Urkina), 525 (Fainsil-Posmetnaya), 530 (Glukhov-Glazunova), 542 (Kolobov-Busk), 556 (Rednic-Lucaciu), 568 (Varfolomeev-Masharova)


WDSF World Open Latin:
604, 605, 610, 620, 633, 648, 656, 660, 662, 664, 670, 671

WDSF Youth Open Standard:
412, 419, 425, 429, 446, 457

WDSF World Open Latin:
604, 605, 610, 620, 633, 648, 656, 660, 662, 664, 670, 671

WDSF Youth Open Standard:
412, 419, 425, 429, 446, 457